Dr. Kiely’s fees are comparable to other skilled psychologists in the broader San Francisco Bay Area who have commensurate training backgrounds and skill sets. Currently, Dr. Kiely is a contracted provider only with Medicare. He otherwise is not accepting insurance at this time. 

New patients with PPO insurance plans may wish to exercise out of network benefits. If so, services may be eligible for reimbursement to some degree as part of the out of network benefit option. To help facilitate out-of-network claims, Dr. Kiely will provide you with a statement, frequently called a SUPERBILL, which contains all necessary information to submit to an insurance company.



A SUPERBILL is a statement prepared by medical practitioners that allows clients to seek retroactive reimbursement directly from their health insurance. The information contained in the SUPERBILL includes the the client's basic demographic information, the date of service, description of services, diagnosis code(s), the CPT billing code (and # of units), and the necessary provider information. 

A SUPERBILL, however, does not guarantee that an insurance provider WILL pay for the services provided. Insurance plans are widely variable, and it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance provider to familiarize themselves with their respective health benefits.

use better

Some of Dr. Kiely's clients have used Better, which is a company dedicated to helping individuals get reimbursed for out-of-network health claims. To learn more about their services visit their website https://getbetter.co/. Per Better’s website, they charge 10% of the money that is reimbursed. If your claim is not covered by insurance or applied to the deductible, then Better’s services are free to use.

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